Digital Art Programme

A programme that is the perfect combination for young artists who love art and love all things digital!

Delivered over 6-8 sessions, this programme is a great addition to school extra-curricular clubs or holiday playscheme programmes.


Extra Curricular Clubs

School Holiday Programmes

Key Stage 2


Digital Art Programme DIGI-space

Device Frame

Each Digital Art programme is assigned it's own personalised DIGI-space and unique URL.

Young artists complete a series of 10 digital art tasks to enable them to achieve digital badges and also create content to upload to the virtual gallery.

Digital badges include: Digital Emoji Art Badge; Augmented Reality Animation Badge; Digital Upcycling Badge; 3D Avatar Model Badge

Children will need access to tablets and be able to download suggested apps to complete some of the included digital tasks. Full details will be provided to programme leaders.

Young artists are assigned a secure user ID and password to enable tracking and unlocking of digital badges as they progress through the programme.

The DIGI-space also includes a activity / workshop calendar and participation leaderboard.

Programme leaders have access to resources inlacing: 'Digital Artist Of The Week' certificate and DIGI-art tasksheets.

A demo Digital Artl DIGI-space is available to view on request.

Interested in finding out how we can help your school or organisation implement a Digital Badge IT Digital Art Programme?