Extra-Curricular DIGI-clubs

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How our DIGI-clubs work

Digital Badge IT extra-curricular DIGI-clubs are delivered on primary school sites or within community settings. The clubs usually take place weekly, over a 6-14 week period and as 45mins to 1 hour sessions. DIGI-clubs are also available as whole day and half day workshops on request.

Why choose an extra-curricular DIGI-club for my school?

We have developed our DIGI-clubs to support primary schools to be able to offer hassle-free, varied, fun and exciting after school and extra-curricular programmes. The interactive clubs are run by dynamic DIGI-leaders, who are DBS checked and safeguarding trained.


There is no expense to schools, as parents are able to pay online and direct to Digital Badge IT for sessions.


Children and young people attending our DIGI-clubs are able to engage with our innovative DIGI-spaces, and also gain achievement stickers and certificates as they complete each programme.

How do parents book on to an extra-curricular DIGI-club?

Parents can pay online for spaces at our DIGI-clubs, using our secure platform. Sessions start from £5. Block booking discounts are available.

What DIGI-clubs are available?

We currently have 4 themed DIGI-clubs:


  • Cooking Enterprise

  • Gameshow Archery

  • Film School

  • Digital Art (Please note this is primarily an APP based programme so children will need access to tablets or iPads on site)


See more details below…

Can DIGI-clubs be run by school staff?

Yes, we can provide materials to enable school staff to deliver our Digital Art and Cooking Enterprise programmes in-house.

Presenting Our Extra-Curricular DIGI-clubs

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Cookbook Enterprise

The Cookbook Enterprise DIGI-club is delivered over 10-12 weeks. Children and young people (chef-preneurs), are tasked with developing and creating a kids’ healthy cookbook to raise funds for a local good cause – gaining online enterprise badges as they progress through the programme.

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Game Show Archery

Game Show Archery are fun, educational and interactive sessions which mix together archery and some of our favourite film and TV. Typically delivered over 6/7 weeks, participants take part in games such as: I’m An Archer…Get Me Out Of Here; Chase The Archer; Who Wants To Be An Archery Millionaire; Countdown Archery: Avengers Infinity Archery; Ghostbusters Archery-Life; Tom & Jerry Archery; Guardians Of The Solar System; and Archery Escape Rooms.


Film School

Young filmmakers undertake a series of multi-media workshops and tasks to enable them to achieve digital badges and also create content to create their very own short film. This exciting DIGI-club is delivered over 10-12 sessions and launches young filmmakers into a world of running their own film production company.

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Digital Art

A programme that is the perfect combination for young artists who love art and love all things digital. Young artists complete a series of 10 digital art tasks to enable them to achieve digital badges and also create content to upload to the virtual gallery.