Online DIGI-spaces

What is a DIGI-space?

Each digital badge programme / project is assigned a unique and personalised webspace. We like to call them DIGI-spaces, because we think it sounds cooler!


Programme DIGI-leaders are granted free access to printable workbooks and resources to support the running of the programme. Programme resources are also available to purchase (without committing to buying an online system) in our online DIGI-store.


Programme DIGI-leaders and children & young people, who will be engaging in the project, are registered on the DIGI-space and a username and password are issued.


Programme DIGI-leaders can decide which part of the DIGI-space to make private (to be viewed by members only) and public.


As children and young people participate in activities or complete set tasks, achievement badges are awarded online by programme DIGI-leaders or unlocked by children themselves.

Using a secure user ID and password, children can log into the DIGI-space to enter badge unlock codes, track which badges they have achieved, submit badge evidence and complete interactive quizzes. Children are also awarded DIGI-points for each digital badge unlocked.

Each digital badge DIGI-space has it’s own fully editable media gallery, blog, calendar of events and digital badge leaderboard.