Junior Street Champions

Our Junior Street Champions programme is a great way to get children and young people engaged in environmental and street safety social action. It empowers children and young people to be able to identify and more importantly, solve community issues.

This 6-12 hour digital badge programme can be delivered by our experienced and dynamic Digital Badge IT programme leaders or by schools, community / youth workers or even local authority officers involved in community engagement or safety.


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Key Stage 2


Junior Street Champions Programme DIGI-space

Device Frame

Each Junior Street Champions project is assigned it's own personalised DIGI-space and unique URL.

Young Active Citizens undertake a series of street and community based social action tasks to achieve digital badges including: Litter Pick; Street Community Safety and Environmental Audit; 14 day Recycling Challenge; Social Action Solution Challenge.

Young Active Citizens are assigned a secure user ID and password to enable tracking and unlocking of digital badges as they progress through the programme.

Young Active Citizens are able to upload art work, blogs, posters and multi-media to the DIGI-space.

The DIGI-space also includes a activity / workshop calendar and participation leaderboard.

Programme leaders have access to additional resources including: Litter Log sheet; Street Check / Audit form; 14 Day Recycling Challenge sheet; Social Impact Award Certificate

A demo Junior Street Champions DIGI-space is available to view on request.

Interested in finding out how we can help your school or organisation implement a Digital Badge IT Junior Street Champions Programme?