PE, Sport & Active Wellbeing

Looking for an innovative way to track, reward and celebrate children and young people’s ACTIVE participation in school & community sport or activities that promote a healthy lifestyle?

Our PE, sport & active wellbeing badges can be used by schools, breakfast & afterschool clubs, holiday sports camp providers and sports coaching companies.


Curriculum Lessons

Curriculum Enrichment and PSHE

Extra Curricular Clubs

School Holiday Programmes

Key Stage 1 & 2


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PE, Sports & Active Wellbeing Online DIGI-space

Creating your customised PE, Sports & Active Wellbeing DIGI-space...

Following on from a free consultation, we will work with you to develop and create your very own bespoke DIGI-space.


It’s not only a cool digital badge system you will have created, but each DIGI-space also has it’s own events calendar, blog, poll and media gallery. This will enable you to promote the great work of your project or organisation as you deliver your digital badge programme.


Each DIGI-space has it’s own unique URL.

Can I create new badges?

Yes absolutely! We want to create a system totally customised for your use. If you need inspiration though, our PE, Sports & Active Wellbeing DIGI-space demo is at hand to help.


We already have hundreds of pre-designed badges including: various sports; swimming achievements; school games participation; active learning; extra-curricular clubs; community sports clubs; young sports leadership; active travel to school; active 60 challenge; active mile tracker; special sporting honours (including: active family; paralympian; healthy eating; and young first aider badges); sports media (for budding bloggers, vloggers, sports journalists, photographers or videographers); interactive cross-curricular sport & health themed quizzes (including: cricket super over maths; brain fitness; and horrible sporting histories).

How much does it cost?

We will charge you a one-off fee for the development of your bespoke DIGI-space (this will be dependant on how long it takes us to build your customised system) and then charge an annual subscription starting from £300 (depending on number of users). This subscription also entitles you to free access to all the PE, Sports & Active Wellbeing digital download resources.

Engaging children and young people...

Children are assigned a secure user ID and password to enable tracking and unlocking of digital badges.


Badges can be awarded online by activity leaders or unlocked by children themselves, using unlock codes.


Each DIGI-space has an optional digital badge leaderboard.

Sign me up now...

…or maybe you’d like to chat and know a little bit more?


Get in touch with us using our contact form or request a preview of our demo PE, Sports & Active Wellbeing DIGI-space.

PE, Sports & Active Wellbeing Yearbooks & Wallcharts

Whole Class Active Miles Sticker Wall Chart

An A2 sized printed poster, great for running whole class active mile campaigns and enable classes to compete against each other. Complete with 7 MILE-POST achievement certificates and 100 active mile stickers.

PE & Active Wellbeing Yearbook / pasSPORT (key stage 2)

As children progress through their active school year, they are able to collect pasSPORT stamps, evaluate & record details and add pictures of activities and achievements. This 32 page booklet rewards and celebrates active participation in and out of school.

Interested in creating your own bespoke school active yearbook? Get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

Digital Download Resources

Sports Personality Award Certificate

End Of Year 'Active' Questionnaire

Young Sports Leader Graduation Certificate

Active Miles Certificates

Active 60 Bronze, Silver & Gold Award Certificates

Graduation Award Certificate

Sporting Mascot Design Sheet

Whole Class Personal Challenge Recording Sheet

Active 60 Log Sheet

Active Travel To School Certificates