Young Enterprise Programme

Inspired by the BBC ‘The Apprentice’ TV programme, our Young Enterprise programme tasks children and young people with creating a real life product or service – which other children and young people can benefit from or to raise funds for a charity of good cause.


Curriculum Enrichment and PSHE

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Key Stage 2 & 3


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Young Enterprise Online DIGI-space

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Young Enterprise projects are run by our dynamic Digital Badge IT programme leaders. There are ideal PSHE and youth and community projects, typically taking between 6 -12 hours to complete (delivered as 1 hour sessions).

What's included in the Young Enterprise DIGI-space?

Each Young Enterprise project is assigned it’s own personalised DIGI-space and unique URL


Young entrepreneurs work in teams to complete a series of set tasks to enable them to develop and produce a product or service. Tasks include: The Branding Task; The Market Research Task; The Fundraising and Accounts Task; The Product Development Task: The Merchandise Task; The Taking A Product To Market Task; The Dragons’ Den Task; The Marketing and Promotion Task; The Sales Task


It’s not only a cool digital badge system, each DIGI-space also has it’s own events calendar, blog and media gallery. This will enable you to promote the work of the young entrepreneurs involved in the project.


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Can I create more badges?

Yes absolutely! We’d love to hear your ideas.

How much does it cost?

We will charge you an hourly rate for the time of our programme DIGI-leader delivering your Young Enterprise programme. This will also entitle you to free access to the Young Enterprise DIGI-space.

Engaging children and young people...

Children and young people are assigned a secure user ID and password to enable tracking and unlocking of digital badges.


Badges can be awarded online by adult activity leaders or unlocked by children and young people themselves by using supplied unlock codes or submitting badge evidence. Children and young people are awarded DIGI-points for each badge achieved.


Each DIGI-space has an optional digital badge leaderboard.

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Kids’ Cookbook School Fundraiser

An opportunity for the whole school to get involved in producing a school cookbook to raise funds for a local charity or as a school fundraiser.

Children (or young chef-preneurs as we like to call them) are able to submit recipes, logos, cooking mascots, cookbook name ideas, promotional materials etc. We will choose our favourites, from all the entries we receive, to create and produce your beautiful cookbook ready to sell. Your whole school creation can be made available as a digital downloads and/or printed booklets. There’s even a chance for parents to sponsor recipe pages as a source of extra income.


Interested in finding out how you produce your own school cookbook?

The Cookbook Enterprise is also available as an extra-curricular DIGI-club. Find out more…

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Young Entrepreneur Of The Week Certificate