Young Enterprise Digital Badge Programme

Inspired by the BBC ‘The Apprentice’ TV programme, our Young Enterprise programme tasks children and young people with creating a real life product or service – which other children and young people can benefit from.

As part of the process the young entrepreneurs will develop and create a social product, seek local investment for their product and then finally take the product to market. All profits are donated to a local charity or good cause of the young entrepreneur teams choice.

This 12-20 hour digital badge programme is delivered by our experienced and dynamic Digital Badge IT programme leaders or can be used by schools to deliver their own young enterprise programme.


Children and young people complete weekly tasks to unlock and achieve 14 young enterprise digital badges including:


– Branding Task Digital Badge


– Market Research Task Digital Badge


– Fundraising and Accounts Task Digital Badge


– Product Development Task Digital Badge


– Marketing and Promotion Task Digital Badge


This pre-set programme tasks children with producing their very own healthy cookbook including:


– creating a cookbook enterprise business name, logo, cooking mascot and motto


– developing a series of recipes to be included in the book


– creating multi-media to be embedded into the book using augmented reality


– securing sponsorship from local businesses for the book


– marketing. promoting and selling the book


– identifying a local good cause or charity to donate cookbook profits to


Young enterprise programme leaders have access to:

– A printable ‘business planner’ workbook for children and young people to complete as they progress though the process.

–  the ‘Young Apprentice Of The Week’ and ‘ Young Project Manager’ certificates.


When logged into their school or organisation’s unique Young Enterprise Digital Badge digi-space, children and young people are able to view :  young entrepreneur branding ideas, market research, promotional videos, promotional posters and product jingles.