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Digital Badge IT Young Leadership programmes are an innovative and meaningful way to equip children and young people with skills, experience and confidence to take leadership roles within schools and organisations.


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Active Wellbeing Young Leader Online DIGI-space & Training Programme (Upper Key Stage 2)

I'd like to run an Active Wellbeing Young Leader programme in my primary school...

That’s great and we think you’ve made the right choice! Our Active Wellbeing Young Leader programme is both unique and exciting.

PHASE 1 -The programme starts with young leaders taking part in 4-6 hours skills based training. We recommend that this initial phase is delivered either by a Digital Badge IT tutor or a recognised sports coach.

PHASE 2 – Using the printable active wellbeing young leadership role ‘Idea Cards’ and resources, young leaders are introduced to a range of leadership roles which they can take part in delivering across their schools. You may prefer to use a school member of staff to oversee this phase of the programme.

PHASE 3 – Young leaders log their leadership experience until they graduate from the programme, collecting and achieving digital badges as they progress through their young leader journey.

What's included in the Active Wellbeing Young Leader DIGI-space...

Each Active Wellbeing Young Leader DIGI-space has it’s own unique URL and can be be personalised with your school or organisation logo.


The DIGI-space has 27 digital badges for young leaders to achieve: 2 membership digital badges; 8 leadership skills digital badges; 13 leadership roles digital badges; 3 leadership experience digital badges; 1 leadership graduation digital badge


It’s not only a cool digital badge system, but each DIGI-space also has it’s own events calendar, blog, poll and media gallery. A brilliant opportunity for young leaders to profile and promote their schools PE, sport and active wellbeing.

How much does it cost?

We charge an annual subscription starting from £300 (depending on number of users). This subscription also entitles you to free access to all the Active Wellbeing Young Leader digital download resources (including the Active Wellbeing Leader Journal digital download).

Engaging children and young people...

Young leaders are assigned a secure user ID and password to enable tracking and unlocking of digital badges.


Badges can be awarded online by adult activity leaders or unlocked by young leaders themselves by using supplied unlock codes or submitting badge evidence. Young leaders are awarded DIGI-points for each badge achieved.


Each DIGI-space has an optional digital badge leaderboard.

Sign me up now...

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Young Leader Journal

Active Wellbeing Young Leader Journal (Upper Key Stage 2)

This 28 page printed booklet works great with the Active Wellbeing Young Leader DIGI-space. It is also a brilliant resource in its own right for schools looking to introduce an Active Wellbeing Young Leadership programme. Use it in conjunction with the Active Wellbeing Young Leader digital downloads.

COMING SOON - active young leader individual sticker sheets.

Digital Download Resources

Active Wellbeing Leader Session Planner & Evaluation

Active Wellbeing Leader Activity Register

Active Wellbeing Leader Activity Tickets

School Sports Mascot Design Competition Sheet

Active Miles Recording Sheet & Achievement Certificates

Personal Best Challenge Recording Sheets & Achievement Certificates

Active Travel To School Recording Sheet & Achievement Certificates

Sporting Event & Ticket Designer Activity

Active Wellbeing Leader Weekly Activity Calendar

Active Wellbeing Leader Role/Idea Cards (x13)

Active Wellbeing Leader Tournament Sheet

Active Wellbeing Leader Sports Personality Award

Active Wellbeing Leader Graduation Certificate

Active Wellbeing Leader Wet Lunch / Break Quizzes

Active 60 Recording Sheets & Achievement Certificates