Digital Badge IT works with schools, local authorities, community, youth and sports organisations. We provide a range of curricular and extra-curricular programmes, which track and celebrate participation, progression and achievement – rewarding children and young people with digital badges.


PE, Sport & Active Wellbeing

Children and young people are awarded digital badges for engagement in a range of sports, sports media activities, health related exercises and young sports leadership.

Young Sports Leadership

Tracking, rewarding and promoting young sports leaders as they gain leadership skills and experience.

Forest School & Outdoor Learning

Available as a sticker achievement booklet as well as a digital badge programme. Children and young people undertake outdoor and natural environment activities to achieve Forest School & Outdoor Learning digital badges. Digital achievement badge categories include : tools, fire, safety, play, bug hunting and cross-curricular activities.

Young Enterprise

Children and young people are tasked with identifying a social issue and then developing, creating and selling a product that will solve the issue – gaining digital badges as they progress through the process.

Junior Street Champions – Environmental Social Action

Children and young people undertake a range of environmental, social action and community safety themed activities to gain online digital achievement badges.

Film School

Children and young people take part in a series of media and film workshops to achieve digital badges, whilst making either a promotional or social issue based short film.

Digital Art

Children and young people undertake digital art activities to achieve digital badges including: exploring augmented reality, using digital art to upcycle furniture and digital photography.