Forest School & Outdoor Learning Digital Badge Programme

The Forest School & Outdoor Learning Digital Badge Programme is for schools and Forest School practitioners who are currently delivering Forest School and Outdoor Learning activities and are looking to celebrate children and young people’s engagement. Available as an online digi-space platform and also a 24 page sticker achievement booklet.


There 50 Forest School digital badges for children to achieve within our online programme and sticker achievement booklet including:


– Membership Badges

– Safety Badges

– Using Tools Badges

– Using My Senses Badges

– Den Building Badges

– Ropes & Knots Badges

– Outdoor Play Badges

– Bug Hunting Badges

– Bird Watching Badges

– Pond Life Badges

– Cross-Curricular Badges

– Planting & Growing Badges

– Co-operation Badges

– Star Explorer Badges

– Forest School Graduation Badges


Programme leaders have access to the following personalised resources:


– Forest School Planning and Assessment Templates


– Year, Class & Term Forest School Planners


–  Star Explorer Award Certificate


– Bronze, Silver & Gold Graduation Certificates


– Forest School clothing  / attachable Forest School badges


When logged into their school or organisation’s unique Forest School digi-space, children and young people are able to view: Forest School activity images, Forest School art, Forest School music / sounds and the Forest School Blog.